Bones recently held an event for their new Mob Psycho 100 REIGEN ~ Miracle of the Unknown Psycho ~ OVA. And during the event’s stage presentation, they announced that Mob Psycho 100 is getting a second season.

They also revealed that the same staff from the first season are also returning for the second one. As for animation production, BONES will also be animating season 2 as well.

However, the staff didn’t announce much during the stage presentation. This means that we would have to wait a bit more for them to announce more details about Season 2.

As for the Reigen OVA, it’s now available on both Blu-ray and DVD. It’s a 60-minute re-cut of the original, but instead of following Mob, it follows Reigen. It also adds a few scenes involving Reigen’s past.

Source: Comic Natalie