McDonald’s changed the burger game when they introduced the Big Mac. And as the iconic burger celebrates its 50th anniversary, McDondald’s Japan is giving it a big and crispy twist. To be specific, they’re adding bacon to the Big Mac. In fact, they’re making two more varieties in the Bacon Big Mac and the TLC Big Mac as part of its 50th anniversary. And because this is such a big deal, several Japanese celebrities are joining in on the celebrations. This includes the ever-popular seiyuu, Ayana Taketatsu.

Joining the K-On seiyuu for the celebrations are actress and model Miwako Kakei, gravure idol Hinako Sano, and comedian Dandy Sakano. Together, the four of them will be judging which Big Mac version is better, the BLT version, or the one with just the bacon added.

Right now, the celebrity voting is dead even for which Big Mac with bacon is better. However, it looks like McDonald’s has found a solution which would be better because fans will get to decide. The gigantic fast food chain has now released the version in Canada, and will be adding it in Japan this week.

source: Ota-Suke