Yet another popular seiyuu has tied the knot, and this time, he’s also marrying another seiyuu. In his own personal blog, seiyuu Wataru Hatano has revealed that he has now married fellow-seiyuu, Mai Hashimoto. The two have worked together on several anime, including Soul Eater Not and Toward the Terra.

In that same blog post, he said that he wishes for “everyone’s continued support and encouragement”. He also said that he and his new bride will devote themselves on their respective roles in the future. The seiyuu then added that they will be moving forward together as a couple.

Fans might know the new groom as Georgi Popovich from Yuri!! in Ice, as well as Bungo Stray Dogs’ Motojirou Kajii and Fairy Tail’s Gajeel Redfox. Meanwhile, the bride has voiced To Love-Ru’s Rin Kujou and Busou Shinki’s Maochao.

Congratulations to the new couple!