Actor Natsume Yudai, who plays Mitsuru Tenma in the stage play version of “Ensemble Stars!”, has drawn heavy fire from fans when they discovered some misogynist tweets in his previous Twitter account. According to Livedoor News, Japanese fans have publicly condemned his behaviour, and the outcry has spread to overseas fans who have seen translations of the original tweets.

Most of the controversial tweets date back to 2013, where he made such distasteful statements as wanting to perform lewd acts in a popular Tokyo theme park, asking a pretty girl for her used sanitary napkins, and saying that handsome men like himself could change girlfriends everyday if he wanted to. He also made racist statements against Korean and Chinese nationals, and said that physically unattractive people did not deserve human rights

The account has since been deleted, however his detractors have receipts in the form of screenshots. Natsume Yudai, who has a new account at, has since remained silent on social media.