As many would know, one of Hayao Miyazaki’s most prominent protegees is Evangelion director, Hideaki Anno. The two have had a very close personal and professional relationship, and many in the industry know about it. In fact, Miyazaki even picked Anno to voice the protagonist in The Wind Rises. The two worked together in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, which is getting a Blu-ray release with audio commentary. Of course, this includes Hideaki Anno, who worked on the anime as a key animator.

However, those who have watched the commentary have noticed Anno dissing his mentor, who he lovingly calls Miya-san. Some, like @dennou319, commented that he called Miyazaki a geezer. Meanwhile, others like @hitasuraeiga, said Anno complained about some of Miyazaki’s habits. This includes an incident where “Miya-san” broke poor old Anno’s portable cassette player. Such good friends…

“The commentary for Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is amazing. The whole time the movie is playing, Anno keeps referring to Miyazaki as ‘that old geezer,’ asking ‘Why the heck would Miya-san make this directorial choice here?’ But he takes a break from ripping on the movie whenever [Nausicaä’s squirrel-like animal companion] Teto shows up to say ‘Teto is cute’ over and over.”
“Hideaki Anno: ‘When we were making Nausicaä, Miya-san, on his own, decided to borrow my cassette tape player, and he kept playing the same exact music on it every single day. Then, when the tape got stretched out and tangled up so that you couldn’t open the player’s cover anymore, he said “It’s broken, so I’ll give it back to you.” He’s really a mean old guy!’”
“When Anno sees the boy who’s stopped still while holding the glass from the Ohm’s eye, he’s all ‘Hahahaha he’s not moving at all.’ It’s the sort of thing that would really bug an animator.”
But while the Shin Godzilla director lovingly talks smack about Miyazaki, the two remain good friends. As Hideaki Anno himself once out it, “How can you say no to Miya-san?”
Source: Sora News 24