Voice actress and singer Kana Hanazawa has announced on her official website that she will be releasing a new single “Daijoubu” on 25th July 2018. The song has also been selected as the theme song of the ongoing series “Layton Mystery Detective Agency”, where she also plays the role of protagonist Katrielle Layton.

She has also announced the “KANA HANAZAWA Concert 2018 ~Daijoubu~”, with two concert dates slated: 8th September 2018 at the Olympus Hall Hachiouji ad 9th September 2018 at the Big Hall of Matsudo Mori 21. The concert will showcase her new songs as well as fan favourite tracks.

• Release Information

25 July 2018
CD + DVD: JPY 1,600
CD: JPY 1,200