After leaked images surfaced from the Kingdom Hearts III Premiere Event in California, Square Enix finally lifts their information ban. Now, new footage from the events have surfaced and confirmed several of the leaked images.

As it turns out, the previously-revealed Wreck-It Ralph portion of the game isn’t a new world, but a summon. This means that Sora can summon Ralph himself to wreck some stuff in Kingdom Hearts III. The video also features the world of Olympus from Hercules, as well as Toy Box from Toy Story.

Aside from the new summon, the Premiere Event also confirmed several new Key Blades. These include Toy Story World’s Infinity Badge, Monster Inc World’s Smile Badge, and Tangled’s Ever After.

As for the game itself, Square Enix will release the game sometime in 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox ONE.