When it comes to artworks by notable Japanese artists, or fanarts by everyday artists, Pixiv is one of the best places to go. However, the social media site’s current president, Hiroyuki Nagata, is currently in hot water, and it ain’t because of artworks. This is because he allegedly sexually harassed a former member of the idol group, Niji No Conquistador. He apparently did this multiple times, so the victim is suing him right now.

The former idol, who wished to keep her identity hidden, recently talked to Buzzfeed Japan. There, she talked about what Nagata allegedly did to her during her time with the group.

Pixiv has deep ties with the idol group, Niji No Conquistador, and the even spearheaded the group itself. In fact, the company had a lot of things to do with the group’s promotion, as well as other activities. However, the former member claimed that during a work trip to Kyoto, Nagata accompanied her. She was planning to go alone, but he insisted on sharing a room with her. She also claimed that she had to sleep next to the Pixiv executive and it made her feel uneasy. However, she didn’t do anything because it might have negative effects on her career.

Like most people in the Japanese entertainment industry, the former idol’s salary was quite meager. When she asked Nagata to do some part-time work outside of being an idol, he shot her down. However, he did offer her another side-job, and that’s massaging him. And because she needed more money, she agreed to do it.

The former member also claims that Nagata’s sexual harassment has been going on until earlier this year. She told Buzzfeed that just this year, Nagata invited her to stay at his condominium with his wife and children. They were having a special live event, and Nagata insisted her to go to his home instead of a hotel or dormitory. And while staying there, she noticed a hidden camera in the changing room of his condo. She also claims that the camera changed location during her stay at the home.

The former Niji No Conquistador idol also added that his actions have left her shaken, and this made her lose focus on her college admission exams. She was so shaken that she vomited when Nagata texted her via LINE to wish her luck on her exams. And because of her vomiting, she wasn’t able to go to the testing center. Her weight also significantly dropped because of it.

According to Buzzfeed, Nagata has admitted to the Kyoto trip and the massage job, but denied the hidden cameras. They also tried to interview the Pixiv president, but he turned them down.

As for the former idol group member, she says that the #metoo movement has inspired her to come out. And while it’s still in its early stages in Japan, it’s slowly gaining much attention there.

source: Buzzfeed Japan