Seiyuu Ayaka Ohashi recently rocked out the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Hall for her “Ohashi Ayaka Special Live 2018 ~ PROGRESS ~” concert. This would be the seiyuu’s first solo live there, and she fittingly made a very important announcement. This is because the [email protected] and BanG Dream seiyuu revealed that she’s forming her own official fan club.

The seiyuu kicked off her concert with Magical Girl Ore’s OP theme song, “NOISY LOVE POWER ☆”. And while talking to the crowd before her encore performance, she announced the fan club’s launch. She then revealed the fan club’s official name, which is “BIG BRIDGE FAMILY”. She chose the name because she wants to treat her fans as part of her own family.

Fans might best know Ayaka Ohashi as the voice behing The [email protected] Cinderella Girls’s Uzuki Shimamura. Her other musical anime roles include BanG Dream’s Saaya Yamabuki, as well as Aikatsi’s Ran Shibuki. She also voiced other anime characters as well, including Magical Girl Ore’s Saki Uno and Flip Flappers’ Yayaka. Expect her and her staff to reveal more details about the official fan club soon.

source: Yahoo! News