The “TO BE HERO” sequel “TO BE HEROINE” is slated to begin broadcast on 19th May 2018! The sequel will have seven episodes in total, and will be dubbed both in Japanese (for the 2D world scenes) and in Chinese (for the 3D world scenes, to be subtitled in Japanese).

“TO BE HEROINE” tells the story of “Futaba”, a normal high school girl who is trapped in another world. In this weird alternate dimension, the only sentient beings are children wearing underwear. As she is the only fully-clothed person there, she becomes a powerful the heroine in a world where clothes are the strongest weapons!

The original “TO BE HERO” series was a Japanese-Chinese animated comedy television series produced by Haoliners Animation League. The show aired on Tokyo MX in Japan, on video sharing website bilibili in China, and on Crunchyroll for the rest of the world.