The official Twitter account of the Yu Yu Hakusho 25th Anniversary celebrations has announced that the 25th Anniversary Blue-Ray Box will come with exclusive all-new clips! The first of the two clips will follow the story “TWOSHOTS”, featuring the first meeting of secondary protagonists (but first in our hearts!) Kurama and Hiei! “TWOSHOTS” was originally published as a side story in the manga series.

The other clip to be featured on the blue-ray set is entitled “Noruka Suruka” (roughly translates to “For Better or Worse”), which was originally published in the final volume of Yoshihiro Togashi’s seminal shounen manga series. Staff and cast announcements for the first new footage to come out of the series in years will be released soon. The Yu Yu Hakusho 25th Anniversary Blue-Ray Box is slated to hit stores on July 2018.