Tobu Zoo gained plenty of notoriety among anime fans when they teamed up with Kemono Friends. The collaboration gave us one of the internet’s most beloved zoo animals in the late Grape-kun, the Humboldt Penguin who fell in love with his Kemono Friends counterpart. And now, the zoo is partnering up with another anime, this time with Attack on Titan.

The collaboration will feature superdeformed versions of the characters as animals. For example, Eren becomes a bear, and Mikasa becomes a white tiger, while Levi becomes an elephant. They’re also dressing up Eren and Levi as cute little zoo keepers as well!

And speaking of Eren and Levi, Tobu Zoo will also be displaying life-size statues of them. The zoo will also feature Attack on Titan photo booths, as well as a life-size inflatable Colossal Titan head.

And like many anime collaborations, this one also inspired plenty of exclusive merchandise and menu items as well.

And that’s not all, because the Attack on Titan seiyuu will be lending their voices to the zoo’s PA system. Yuuki Kaji (Eren) and Marina Inoue (Armin) both recorded voice announcements for the zoo. The PA system will then play them throughout the park. As for Hiroshi Kamiya (Levi), the zoo’s Ferris Wheel will be playing an announcement from the captain himself.The zoo will be kicking off the collaboration on 14th July and end on 8th October.

But if you’re still curious, Tobu Zoo placed a cardboard cut-out of Grape-kun and his waifu, Hululu, in the Humboldt Penguin enclosure. Kinda makes you wonder how the Attack on Titan collaboration might affect this memorial…

source: Comic Natalie