The city of Okawa in Fukuoka prefecture is home to some of Japan’s finest furniture makers. Sadly, the demand for hand-made artisan furniture has been on the decline, partly due to the dwindling local population and partly due to the shrinking sizes of Japanese homes. But the hardworking craftsmen of Okawa City have hit on an idea that could revitalize the furniture industry, and it involves everybody’s favourite internet past time: cats.

This line of fine furniture for cats features that same exacting methods and attention to detail as the human-sized furniture, just scaled down to accommodate our finicky feline friends. The project has proved so succesful that they have won awards in three categories at the 57th Fukuoka Advertising Awards this 7th June 2018. Congratulations to everyone at Okawa Kagu, and we hope you visit them for some great furniture — cat and human, very soon!