Two of the funniest comedy anime airing right now are Magical Girl Ore and Space Battleship Tiramisu. Now, these two hilarious anime are doing a crossover titled “Uchuu Shoujo Oremisu”! And this crossover even has its own PV!

The video starts off with Magical Girl Ore protagonist, Saki Uno, trying to confess her love to Mohiro. She tries to transform into Magical Girl Ore, but instead finds herself as Space Battleship Tiramisu’s protagonist, Subaru. Hilarity ensues.

The video may have presented the crossover as a “new anime,” but considering what these two anime have done, it’s best to consider a tongue and cheek approach.

Though both anime have different studios, Genco actually produces both series. Pierrot animates Magical Girl Ore, while Gonzo animates Space Battleship Tiramisu.