Miyuki Sawashiro is one of the most popular seiyuu in history. She’s been married since 2014, and is now pregnant. And now, her talent agency, Aoni Production, has revealed that she will be on maternity leave. Her hiatus will begin in summer, but the agency also revealed that she aims to return to work early.

Her upcoming hiatus as left many questions regarding her current work. Miyukichi is currently voicing Kitaro for the new Gegege no Kitaro TV anime. She’s also the latest seiyuu for Fujiko Mine in the more recent Lupin III anime as well.

Aside from voicing those two characters, fans might also recognise her iconic voice from Fate/Aprocrypha’s Mordred, as well as Sword Art Online’s Sinon. She also voiced other characters such as Letter Bee’s Lag Seeing and Monogatari’s Suruga Kanbaru.

We wish her the best and pray that she has a healthy child.

source: Comic Natalie