It looks like yet another seiyuu has gotten married. This time, it’s Strike Witches seiyuu, Ayuru Oohashi, who announced her marriage in her blog. And not only that, but she also revealed that she also gave birth to her first child as well. As for her fans, she wrote a handwritten message for them, and also posted it on her blog.

In her letter, she admitted that her life has now completely changed and that she’s very busy nowaday. She also confirmed that she will continue her voice acting work, as well as being a musician. The seiyuu then asked her fans for continued support and thanked all of them.

Fans might know her best as the voice of the lovable Finnish witch, Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen in Strike Witches. However, she also voiced other characters like Love Live’s Anju Yuuki and Girls und Panzer’s Oryou. Her other characters include Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere’s Adele Balfette and Wish Upon the Pleiades’s Aoi.

source: Yaraon!