Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer has become one of the most popular films in the franchise’s history. And this is largely thanks to the mysterious-yet-popular triple agent, Zero, also known as Tohru Amuro. And now, thanks to the success of the film, Zero will be taking center stage in a new REAL Escape Game. The franchise will once again be teaming up with SCRAP for this one, but with a more Zero focus.

The new REAL Escape Game’s title is “Detective Conan: Escape from Public Safety Final Examination”. It will be kicking off in SCRAP’s Harajuku venue on 29th June, before opening in other areas around Japan. Here, participants must help Conan and Amura release bombs and solve the mystery surrounding Zero. They must complete the game before these bombs go off, and they must do so quickly because time is short! Participants must also have three skills, and they are insight, reasoning, and awareness for public safety.

The staff will be giving participants a tablet, with Tohru Amuro himself guiding players through the tablet. They will even provide special earphones to hear Amuro’s instructions. Of course, legendary seiyuu, Tohru Furuya (Gundam’s Amuro Ray) will be reprising his role as Tohru Amuro.

Advance general tickets cost 3,200 yen, though students get a discount. However, buying as a group of one to six people costs 18,600 yen. And as they say, the more the merrier, right?

Source: Animate Times