The cast of Girls und Panzer recently held their “Girls und Panzer App & Anime Important Announcement Special” livestream event. And during the stream, they revealed new details on the second Girls und Panzer das Finale film. This includes a 15-second PV about the film itself.

The video reveals that this second part will be premiering in Japanese cinemas on 6th June. However, it did not reveal any further information. But don’t worry folks, because they will be holding yet another stage event on 18th November. This time, it will feature all five of the Angler Fish Team’s seiyuu, and they will be the ones announcing more information about the film.

And speaking of the livestream, they also revealed that Girls und Panzer is getting a complete Blu-Ray box set! The set includes all 12 TV anime episodes, as well as the This is the Real Anzio Battle OVA. It costs 25,000 yen and will get its release on 21st December.

source: Comic Natalie