If there’s anything that Attack on Titan’s Levi hates more than the titans themselves, it’s anything that’s dirty. As many point out, he has zero tolerance for Survey Corps members who can’t clean or have dirty uniforms. This makes him a perfect endorser for detergent, particularly, detergent brand Kao. The infamous Neat-Freak even appeared in their latest commercial!

The CM’s official title is “Laundry with no Regrets”. Of course, this is a reference to the Levi spin-off manga, “Attack on Titan: No Regrets”. As for the CM itself, it’s making fans decide which bottle design they should adopt for the collaboration. Design A features Levi folding clothes with the look of a mother, while Design B has Levi measuring detergent with a pointed look. Of course, these are actions we know that Levi would love to do.

Fans will be deciding the bottle design via twitter. All they need to do is to tweet out their vote, A or B, on or before 20th July. The actual Levi detergent bottles will then go on sale in December.

Source: Attack on Titan x Kao collaboration website