Daisuke Igarashi’s award-winning manga “Children of the Sea” (“Kaiju no Kodomo”) will be getting a theatrical animated adaptation by STUDIO 4°C. The film will be released in December 2018.

© Kaiju no Kodomo Committee © Daisuke Igarashi / Shogakukan

“Children of the Sea” follows the story of Sora and Umi, two boys who were raised by dugongs and exhibit strange biological adaptations for spending time in the ocean. Their origin is unknown, with two groups of scientists studying them in an attempt to figure out their secret.

“Children of the Sea” was nominated for the 2008 and 2009 Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize. Daisuke Igarashi was awarded a Japan Cartoonist Awards excellence award in 2009. “Children of the Sea” was also the recipient of an Excellence Prize at the 2009 Japan Media Arts Festival.