Anisong fans — are you eager to see our C3 AFA Jakarta 2018 I Love Anisong artistes, but need a quick reminder about which anime they have sung theme songs for? Well, worry no more as WOW Japan has created an all-in-one list for all our artistes! Check out Part 1 featuring EGOIST, Ami Wajima, and BAND-MAID!


Born through the TV anime “Guilty Crown”, EGOIST is a fictional artiste produced by ryo(supercell). The vocalist, chelly, is a songstress selected from an audition of over 2000 people. Of all the released CDs to date, all of them have ended the Oricon weekly charts in the Top 10.

© Yūichirō Higashide・TYPE-MOON / FAPC


Aside from “Guilty Crown”, EGOIST has performed the theme song for the PSYCHO-PASS franchise, Project Itoh’s “The Empire of Corpses”, “Harmony”, and “Genocidal Organ”, as well as “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” and “Fate/Apocrypha”.

Ami Wajima

Born in Kutchan, Hokkaido, 19-year old Ami Wajima won the HORIPRO×PONY CANYON Next Generation Anisong Singer Audition in 2016 and debuted with “Genso Drive”, the opening for the TV anime series Mayoiga, in May 2016.

© diomedea・Pony Canyon/ Project Mayoiga
© KUROMUKURO Production Committee

She released her second single “Eien Loop” in August 2016, which was the ending theme song (Ending 2) for the TV anime series “Kuromukuro”. On February 22, 2017, Wajima released her first album “I AM”.


BAND-MAID was conceptualized by singer/guitarist Miku Kobato, who once worked in a maid cafe, and hit on the idea of combining Japan’s maid cafe culture with her passion for rock music. She recruited lead guitarist Kanami Tono, who in turn recruited drummer Akane Hirose to join the group. Akane in turn brought along her music school classmate, bassist Misa. Finally, they added lead vocalist Saiki Atsumi!

Besides being a hard-rocking live act, BAND-MAID is also a certified viral hit online, with their YouTube channel garnering over 175K subscribers, and their music videos collecting a staggering 36M views. A good number of hits on their channel come from Indonesian fans, who are drawn in once again by their amazing performances and eye-catching maid outfits.

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