The Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko TV anime just wrapped up its 24-episode run last month. And now, the anime’s official website has revealed that it’s getting a 2.5D stage play adaptation as well. And this time, they’re teaming up with the SKE48 Passion For You ~Ai to Jounetsu wa Sekai o Sukuu~ mobile game. This means that SKE48 idols will be playing the roles of the Katana Maidens themselves, also known as the Toji.

Unfortunately, the website didn’t really reveal much information aside from the collaboration and the SKE48 actresses. However, they did promise to reveal more details in the future.

Studio Gokumi animated the series about a particular group of katana-wielding mikos. Basically, they live normal school lives as students. However, they’re armed with legendary swords and must battle evil creatures known as Aradama…

source: Yaraon!