Via Variety: Niantic founder John Hanke has announced that their location-based AR game “Ingress” is getting its own anime series. “Ingress: The Animation” will be released worldwide in October 2018 via Netflix.

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The “Ingress: The Animation” story line is compatible with the game “Ingress”, and will be the jumping-off point for the sequel “Ingress Prime”. “Ingress Prime” will likewise be launched in October 2018.

© INGRESS Committee

Ingress is a location-based, augmented-reality mobile game developed by Niantic for the iOS and Android platforms. The game is based on the battle between two opposing factions: the Enlightened and the Resistance. The two factions fight for control of AR territory, and the Exotic Matter generated by said territories.

The game proved highly popular and has had 20 million downloads since its launch. It has also led to the development of Pokemon GO, as data collected by Niantic from Ingress players all over the world were used in Pokemon GO maps — including Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms.

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