Digimon will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, and what better way to do that than with a new film! However, this time, this new film will feature the DigiDestined not as kids or teens, but as adults! And now, the staff have finally revealed the adult versions of Taichi and Yamato!

These newly-revealed designs feature the two DigiDestined as 22-year olds. Taichi is the one on the left hand side, while Yamato is the one in the right.

The staff previously announced the film during the “Digimon Kanshasai 2018 -Special Meeting in Odaiba-” event in Digimon’s holy land of Odaiba. The project’s tentative title is “Digimon Adventure the Movie”.

Toei Animation’s Hiromi Seki will be supervising the project, with Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru returning from the original Digimon Adventure anime as character designer. Finally, Kenji Watanabe is also returning to design the Digimon.

Adult versions of the Digidestined, huh? Well, that certainly makes us wonder what they’re up to. As for now, stay tuned for more announcements about this new Digimon Adventure anime film.

source: Nijimen