SEGA is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Phantasy Star series with an announcement of their latest title, “IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga“! “IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga” will be a mobile game for the Apple App Store and Google Play platforms. Pre-registration is currently available via their official website


The team behind “IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga” is composed of Producer Shuntaro Tanaka (Phantasy Star Online 2 es, Phantasy Star Online 2); Director Tomomasa Chin (Phantasy Star Online 2 es, Phantasy Star Online 2); and Art Director Sho Mutsuura (Phantasy Star Online 2), among others.

“IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga” tells the story of “Yuri”, a young orphan raised aboard a sailing vessel by the ship’s captain, and his encounter with “Stella”, a member of a special fighting unit tasked to kill “Idola”, which are giant creatures that wreak havoc on the lands of Vandoll.