There’s literally a lot of Hello Kitty merchandise out there, from mugs and T-Shirts to even skateboards and laptops. However, there is one new Hello Kitty merchandise that’s been getting much attention in the internet as of late.

Sanrio recently teamed up with interior design company, Belluna. This partnership then resulted in an official Hello Kitty mojiro, which is used in Japanese traditions to exorcise spirits.

In Japan, morijio, or ‘salt pile’, are often around shrines, on the porches of houses or in the windows of restaurants. People often use these salt piles to purify the building and exorcise evil spirits.

However, because these are usually used for warding off supernatural undesirables, it baffled the internet. Belluna sold these morijio sets for 3,800 yen, and because of the uproar, as well as the cheap price, it sold out quickly.

Well, at least we know some people got rid of malevolent energies thanks to Hello Kitty, right?

source: Sora News 24

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