Square Enix has just released a brand-new mobile game dubbed “IDOL FANTASY“! This simulation game lets you play the role of an idol group producer, with the goal of making your boy band reach the top of the charts!

You can collect characters and form your own unit, and unlock voiceovers and new costumes with every major milestone! You can change the costumes and accessories of your band members as you please!

Using your touchscreen, you guide your band are they rehearse for performances; you can look forward to interacting with your band members during these rehearsals. Lots of exciting encounters also occur during this time!

Producers have total control during performances! You change member positions, camera angles, as well as costumes and props! Aside from performances, you can also take part in variety TV shows and movie shoots in-game!

Last but not least, get to know your band members better through the various story modes. You have the choice of deepening your relationships or just staying professional — it’s all up to you!

Download “IDOL FANTASY” today via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store!