Toei Animation is one of Japan’s most prestigious studios, working on tiles like Dragon Ball, Digimon, Sailor Moon, and more. And now, they’re turning part of their Ooizumi Studio in Tokyo into a museum open for the public. This museum, called the Toei Animation Museum will be opening its doors to the general public on 28th July.

The museum itself will be an updated version of the Toei Animation Gallery, which sadly closed its doors back in September 2014. Like the gallery, the Museum will also display production materials from various Toei Animation works. However, it will also have a newer feel, as it will also include a gigantic touch screen. This will allow visitors to view some of the studio’s many works.

Of course, it will also include other anime-related exhibits as well. These include a timeline of the studio’s history, as well as other artworks. The Museum will also include a courtyard and of course, a character goods shop.

There’s also an event space where they hold special exhibitions. This time, the museum’s first exhibition is titled “Precure Asoberu Hiroba”. It includes several Precure standees and other displays such as photo spots, a giant puzzle, and a figure exhibit.

Admission to the museum is free once it opens, so the only thing you have to worry about is getting a passport, a plane ticket, a hotel, and that train ride to the museum. You can find Toei’s Ooizumi Studio in Nerima. In fact, it’s just a 15-minute walk from Seibu Ikebukuro line’s “Oizumi-gakuen” Station North Exit.

source: Comic Natalie