Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online has one character that really stood out. No, it’s not Llenn or Pitohui or M, but Llenn’s signature pink P-90 gun, P-chan. And now, Tokyo Marui is releasing a new airsoft replica of that lovable (?) pink gun!

The airsoft gun itself is part of Tokyo Marui’s automatic electric gun standard-type series. It will also come with a couple of pink magazines to match P-chan’s distinct coloration! And those who buy these airsoft replicas will also get a special booklet from author Keiichi Sigsawa himself! Sigsawa and anime weapons designer, Kouji Akamoto even supervised the airsoft gun’s production.

They will be releasing these guns in summer 2018, but remember that airsoft rifles aren’t allowed in Singapore. But if you live in Japan, do take note that minors cannot purchase airsoft rifles there. Though if you’re like Llenn, you’d probably be cuddling the gun more than shooting it…

source: Yaraon!