Luka Urushibara, Steins;Gate’s resident trap, celebrates her… I mean his birthday today, 30th August. Now, Lukako… or Luka-kun depending on how you view him, works at a shrine in Akihabara. To be exact, the anime often features him working as a miko or shrine maiden… even though he’s a guy. And for his birthday, the 150 year-old Akiba shrine is celebrating it with a special collaboration event.

Akiba Shrine serves as one of the models for Yanagibashi Shrine, where Luka lives, the other being Yanagimori Shrine also in Akihabara. The collaboration also serves as a celebration of the shrine’s 130th anniversary of its relocation.

The celebrations include a special Akiba Shrine ema, as well as a can badge featuring Lukako herself himself. And yes, he’s wearing his signature miko outfit. Meanwhile, the shrine will be opening its hall, which is usually closed to the public. There, they will be offering free Japanese tea to the public just for one day, which is today, 30th August.

As for Luka, she’s he’s currently starring in Steins;Gate 0, a direct sequel to the original series. The anime is currently airing in Japanese TV.

source: Steins; Gate twitter page