These days, the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) is still going strong even after 20 years. With global events and tournaments, its recent additions such as Pokemon GX have given it a modern flavour. However, it’s a box from the Pokemon TCG’s original days which is making the news.

Huggins and Scott Auctions recently auctioned off a box of the 1st Edition Limited Printing Pokemon TCG. Each box contains around 36 booster packs, which itself contains 11 cards. And each booster pack also contains just one rare card, and not all of them are those coveted holographic cards. Needless to say, such a rare and unopened box, still in its pristine condition would fetch a ton of money, right? Well, at the end of an auction, the one who won the right to buy it threw in a bid of US$56,000. They then added 23% to the buyers’ premiums to the box, and the total cost of the item itself was worth US$94,537.

Now, first edition Pokemon cards cost a TON of money. For example, just one first edition Charizard card sold for US$55,650 on ebay. That’s quite staggering indeed. And with a chance to get one of those highly-coveted Charizard cards in once of these boxes, it’s easy to see why people are willing to throw that much money in these cards. As for the booster packs themselves, they’re also selling at high prices as well.

source: Kotaku