The Chinese Anthropomorphic shipgirl game, Azur Lane, has proven to be very popular not only in China, but also Japan. Now, it’s getting an English version, and they released it in anticipation of the game’s open beta. Here it is:

And speaking of the Open Beta, it opens today, 16th August. The staff will then reveal more about the game’s English release soon, but expect it to be around this year. Here is its story:

This is a blue planet, 71% of its surface is covered with water. Humans beings were born in this azure blue sea at the very beginning.

However, as humanity grew, so did their ever-expanding ambitions. Peaceful times gave way to war and devastation. Finally, a mysterious enemy emerged from the sea. In the face of overwhelming hostile forces, all camps were still fighting each other.

The final result was tragic: Humanity lost more than 90% of its control over the sea. People struggled to survive. The fear of the unknown enemy, who drag humanity into the dark abyss of the despair, spread everywhere.

Decades later, in order to recapture the once glorious past, the major camps finally decided to unite and created the Azur Lane – a worldwide military organization.

The purpose of the Azur Lane is to gather technologies and resources, and share them between all major camps in the world, to fight back the mysterious enemy. Now, everyone has the same goal: to construct a new fleet that can compete with the “Sirens” and regain control of the sea.

The Chinese, South Korean, and Japanese versions of the game are now available via iOS and Android devices. The game is Kancolle-esque, featuring anthropomorphic versions of World War II warships. However, they have a more varied roster which focuses more on other countries’ ships instead of mainly the Japanese ships. The smartphone app also recently teamed up with World of Warships for a special collaboration.