The idols of NOGIZAKA46 are promoting the Mouse computer store in a series of commercials. Now, they’re doing an anime version of these ads, with Liden Films animating it. The ad itself first first appeared during the Mirai Seiki Jipang documentary on TV Tokyo back in 8th August.

And if the designs look familiar, it’s because Evangelion’s Yoshiyuki Sadamoto worked on them. The famous character designer has worked with idols in the past before, and even designed pirate costumes for Momoiro Clover Z. He also worked with Hatsune Miku, and most recently returned to work on the FLCL sequels.

As for the CM itsellf, it’s based on Mouse’s previous CMs which also feature the Nogizaka46 idols. Well, things got a bit mousey as they all wore mouse ears for the ads.