Shoui Inada’s background and history have been well summarised by various articles online.  Below is one such article that has very nicely summaries his experiences and passion so far.

[“The Running Uncle Garupan” Shoui Inada and the dream of having a business supported Ani-Ota Team!]

Unfortunately, the article is written in Japanese, so here is a short summary of the summary.

Shoui decided to continue with his track and field career despite having long wanted to join the Japanese Self Defend Force. Through the recommendation from his coach, Nagato-san, they got in contact with Kotobukiya. They proposed for him to be both an athlete as well as a productive member of the company, which is possible only because of Shoui’s determination and ability to self-control.

Thus in 2016, the athlete joined Kotobukiya, after completing his college education. At the same time of his joining, Kotobukiya formed its first corporate sports team, the track and field division with the goal of participating in marathons around the world.

Today, Shoui works at Kotobukiya’s flagship store in Akihabara, overseeing the Girls Und Panzer section. He is currently also part of the team promoting the Company’s toy and merchandising line.

Shoui’s love for Garupan(Girls und Panzer) and running!

Shoui has always like Anime since his Junior High School Days. But the encounter with Girls und Panzer truly changed his life. He became a huge fan of the series, falling in love with the series due to the motivation of the various characters and their strive for victory. His favourite lines in Girls Und Panzer are

“I will lose if I give up” said Miho Nishizumi in the Sixth episode of the animated series, and

“The battle is in the last 5 minutes” said Darjeeling in the animated movie.

Both are quotes that he can empathise with in his sports of running.

He has since only watched the movie more than eighteen times, in addition to the TV series!

Being a big fan of the Girls und Panzer series, he would also always bring his love along on his official event runs. Often wearing the officially licensed special Girls Und Panzer Jersey, bearing the emblem of his favourite team, earning him the nickname of the Garupan Ojisan(Uncle Garupan) that runs.

Bangkok Midnight Marathon

Coming this weekend, August 26, Sunday, Garupan Ojisan will be participating in his first overseas marathon event. It’s the Bangkok Midnight Marathon, and we have a message from Shoui,

I usually focus on the product introduction and customer service in charge of the “Girls & Panzer” corner of Kotobukiya Akihabara Flagship Store. In the evening I would go training, so as to achieve better results at the marathon competition, with hopes of breaking records.

This might be a Kotobukiya related event, but it is also a bridge between subculture and sports with many passionate anime talks.

Bangkok Midnight Marathon

The marathon starts on Sunday, August 26 (Sun) at midnight.
(Looking forward to the run! )

I think it will be a very harsh race in an environment of high temperature and humidity. But I am a strong person in the heat, so I think it would be somewhat advantageous for me in this marathon. However, the more severe the environment is, the more important it is to be prepared, so I have made much preparation for this event.

Also, since this is my first overseas race, I would like to do my best while having fun.

Here is WOWJAPAN wishing him GOOD LUCK with the run!