Ghibli has always kept with Japanese traditions throughout their many films. Now, they’re teaming up with several Japanese pottery makers who have been using traditional Japanese methods for centuries to create cute little Totoro pottery wares.

Specifically, Ghibli teamed up with Shiga Prefecture’s Meizan Ceramics to create these special wares. The company is known for their Tanuki statues, which is traditionally associated with luck in business. Meizan Ceramics used sandy clay from the bed of Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan, to create them. The special clay gives each piece a distinctive warm orange hue.

However, the price for this set of three Totoro clay figures may cost more than your usual garden pot. This is because it comes with a price tag of 11,664 yen! But do note that a pottery master made each and everyone of these by hand, so they’re pretty high quality.

But if you can’t afford the set, Meizan also hos several other Totoro pottery wares. These range from a chopstick rest set worth 2,916 yen, to handcrafted mugs worth 3,240 yen each. They also have a handcrafted clay LED lamp which costs 4,104 yen.

The official Meizan site is now accepting orders, and they’re also offering international orders!

source: Sora News 24