Nested under the umbrella of management agency Tsukino Talent Production, TsukiPro – the popular multi-media franchise revolving around the music discography, mobile rhythm game, online web-radio channel as well as two anime adaptation and several live-action musical stage adaptations – based mainly on nine 2.5D idol groups made up of predominantly male-members of varying age groups, will be participating once again in the annual “Animate Girls’ Festival 2018” (i.e. AGF 2018).

The titular theme for TsukiPro’s participation this year will in the cool, fantasy steampunk style of “Kiso Sekai – Machine Elements”. All of its nine affiliated idol units will be transformed into ‘guilds’ in which members specialise in a specific form of mechanical ‘super-power’ and technological knowledge. Guild members all work tirelessly for the betterment of society under this world-view.

The nine guilds are ‘Six Gravity’, ‘Procellarum’, ‘SolidS’, ‘QUELL’, ‘SOARA’, ‘Growth’, ‘VAZZY’, ‘ROCK DOWN’ and ‘Swiiiiiits!’

Along with the steampunk theme announcement, first round of key character visuals of participating units – or guilds – have also been revealed. Let’s take a look!

Representing ‘Six Gravity’ are – Kakeru Shiwasu, Koi Kisaragi, Uduki Arata and Aoi Satsuki:

Representing ‘Procellarum’ are – Rui Minaduki, Iku Kannaduki, You Haduki and Yoru Nagatsutki:

Representing ‘SolidS’ are Shiki Takamura and Tsubasa Okui:

Representing ‘QUELL’ are Eichi Horimiya and Shuu Izumi:

Representing ‘VAZZY’ are Takaaki Mamiya, Ouka Kira, Issa Kiduki and Futaba Kiduki:

Representing ‘ROCK DOWN’ are Sho Onoda, Haruto Kujikawa, Ayumu Tachibana and Reiji Amaha:

Representing ‘SOARA’ are Sora Ohara, Morihito Arihara and Soshi Kagurazaka:

Representing ‘Growth’ are Kouki Eto and Mamoru Fujimura:

Representing ‘Swiiiiiits!’ are Lico – the ONLY female member of TsukiPro; and her twin brother Gli:

This concludes the first round showcase of participating members from the nine affiliating TsukiPro idol units/guild. Its official Twitter has hinted that there will be more follow-up announcements and reveal of more character key visuals at a later date so fans are encouraged to follow them closely so as to not miss any showcases of their favourite idols!

Animate Girls’ Festival 2018 will happen on 10 to 11 November 2018, at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Organised by anime merchandise retail chain Animate Group and into its 9th anniversary this year since its inauguration in 2010, AGF is an event targeted at female ACG fans and showcase the latest in-trend for otome and/or BL games, anime and manga series as well as cosplays and 2.5D adaptation genres.