Fans of the anime “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai” (AKA “AnoHana” in short) and “Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda” (lit. “Anthem of the Heart” / AKA “KokoSake” in short) will be thrilled to know that the scriptwriter for both series Okada Mari has released a book – her self-penned autobiography on how she skipped school (because certain reasons that may or may not be related to bullying) in her younger/foolish days, became a hikikkomori shut-in, conquered her inner-demons, and raised above her weak, old self to become the creator of the famed anime series today. The book – titled “Gakkou e Ikenakatta Watashi ga ‘AnoHana‘ , ‘KokoSake‘ wo Kakumade” (lit. ‘I Skipped Out on School, but Wrote ‘AnoHana’ and ‘KokoSake”) – has been adapted into a live-action semi-documentary-ish TV drama of the same title and is currently being broadcast via NHK’s BS Premium channel.


Fans of former AKB48’s Atsuko Maeda will also be thrilled to know that the lead role of the adapted drama series will be played by the singer/idol-turned actress. Interested fans may like to read up the special interview (in Japanese) that NHK conducted with Atsuko Maeda on how she feels getting the role.

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A-1 Pictures, the anime productions studio behind both “AnoHana” and “KokoSake”, also posted the below picture of the drama series’ promotional poster via their official twitter account – mentioning that their company was also part of the filming location for the drama and urge fans to ‘definitely not miss this series!

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The special drama was officially broadcasted on 1 Sept 2018 via NHK BS Premium channel. Other than Atsuko Maeda, other cast members in the series include Shunsuke DaitoKenta Hamano, Hirotaro Honda, Yasuko Tomita, etc.  More detailed information are available at its NHK’s special website.

For fans who are interested to read Mari Okada’s book – the copy is on sale on Amazon JP; a transcripted interview (again in Japanese) of the scriptwriter on how she played truant from school but ended up creating hit anime series like “AnoHana” and “KokoSake” may be read here.

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Source – Nijimen