The very first day of C3 AFA Jakarta 2018 — at an amazing new venue Indonesia Convention and Exhibition, welcomed thousands of fans to the biggest and best anime, gaming, cosplay, and anisong event in the country! The new venue is a huge departure from the previous location, featuring bright and expansive halls for fans to wait in comfort and shade, clean and well-appointed facilities, and many other features!

One of the biggest attractions at this year’s C3 AFA Jakarta is the Lumica stage featuring the Cyalume Dance World Battle! Cyalume dance — also colloquially known as “wotagei”, is an energetic form of dance that incorporates the use of battery-powered light sticks into razor-sharp choreography for popular anime and game theme songs. The Cyalume Dance World Battle aims to pick a local representative to fly to Tokyo to complete in grand finals against champions from othercountries

Once again located at the exhibition hall was the Canon Akiba Stage which played host to three virtual YouTube idols over the course of the entire weekend! Making her debut as Indonesia’s first virtual YouTuber was Maya Putri, whose iconic costume is based on traditional batik fabric, which is intended represent the rich Indonesian culture to all viewers worldwide. Canon Akiba Stage also played host to C3 AFA Jakarta 2018’s bevy of celebrity cosplayers such as Clarissa Punipun, Aya Miyuko, Baozi & Hana, and many others!

Last but not least is everyone’s most anticipated event: I Love Anisong 2018! Friday’s event is even more amazing as EGOIST plays their first concert on their 2018 Asia Tour at Jakarta! Fans were dazzled by the combination of music and technology as EGOIST vocalist chelly sang live, in the guise of virtual pop star Inori from the anime Guilty Crown. As a special service to fans, chelly covered the end theme from Fate Apocrypha — Desir by GARNiDELiA, which is pretty special as EGOIST themselves was in charge of the opening theme.

Stay tuned to our reports for Days Two and Three very soon!