“Lucky Dog1” – the popular BL game targeted at mainly female players – was first released in 2009 on the PC-platform is celebrating its 10th Year Anniversary in 2018. Furthermore, the series’ main protagonist – leader of the Italian-Mafiaso ‘CR5’,GianCarlo Bourbon del-Monte, is having his birthday on 10 October …so to celebrate this lucky strings of ‘tens’, a special art/illustration gallery will be set up for a limited period at major comic and doujinshi retail chain Comic Toranoana in GianCarlo’s honour (as well as to celebrate the game series’ 10th Anniversary)!

©2018 Tennenouji

The series’ production team has especially released a new set of brand-new illustrated artworks of GianCarlo and his merry gang of very suave mafiaso members, all looking dapper in their all-white dress-suit evening wear, just for the occasion of this art exhibition. Fans of the series may expect to be treated to an eye-full of these new illustrations/artworks (example as pictured below) on top of the selected key visuals from the game from its past 10 years since launch.

©2018 Tennenouji

Also, what special celebration can do without a brand new range of merchandise based on the new illustrations? According to information available thus far from Toranoana News, fans of the series may look forward to all these new goods!

©2018 Tennenouji

Official art exhibition pamphlet – JPY 1,000

Popcorn pack – JPY 600

A4-size clear file (2 types) – JPY 463 each

Canbadge style pocket-mirror (6 types) – JPY 463 each

2019 desk-top calendar (13-pages) set – JPY 463

Acrylic chibi-characters keyholder (6 types) – JPY 500 each

Stick-type acrylic keyholder (6 types) – JPY 556 each

©2018 Tennenouji

A3-size replica new illustrated sheets (6 types) – JPY 2,000 each

Tumbler bottle – JPY 1,500

Big canbadge stand (2 types) – JPY 1,000 each

Shrine/temples red-ink seal stampbook – JPY 2,500

Pouch for seal stampbook – JPY 2,000

B2-size tapestry (2 types) – JPY 2,778 each

Totebag – JPY 1,389

©2018 Tennenouji

Especially for the birthday/10th Anniversary art exhibition event will also be pre-orders taken for a series of college/fraternity ring-necklace accessory set designed in the image colours of the six Lucky Dog1 characters – GianCarlo, Bernado, Luchino, Giulio, Ivan and Bakshi Christensen. The game series’ character designer/illustrator Yura-sensei will personally oversee the designs of these special accessory items – images will be revealed at a latter date. The ring-necklace set will retail at JPY 15,000 each and all successful pre-orders will be shipped out ETA late-December 2018.

©2018 Tennenouji

Finally a huge life-size illustrated backdrop (pictured above) and special message board will also be set up at the gallery event space so that visiting fans may take pictures with the handsome mafioso members of CR5; as well as leave special birthday messages for GianCarlo (with the coloured message-sheets provided).

The birthday/anniversary-centric art exhibition event will take place for the limited duration from 10 ~ 21 October 2018; at the Comic Toranoana Akihabara B-Outlet level B1 event space. Fans of the “Lucky Dog1” game series, this art exhibition is one that should not be missed!