When Good Smile Company launched their line of anime figures for women, Orange Rouge, it was only a matter of time until they released a life-size figure. And now, with Touken Ranbu’s Mikazuki Munechika, they finally have one! Orange Rouge will soon be releasing a life-size statue of the “old man” himself, and it boasts some high-quality details.

Measuring in at 180cm (6 feet) in height, the figure shows how much Orange Rouge’s sculptors pay attention to detail. Unfortunately, the figure itself ain’t cheap at all! Oh, and they’re only making 10 of them…

The entire thing costs 3 million yen, and that doesn’t even cover the 80,000-600,000 yen shipping cost. However, the amount of work Orange Rouge put on the figure makes up for it… as long as you’re willing to fork a ton of cash for it. Orange Rouge is now accepting orders via their official website. However, with the high demand for the statues and the limited number, they will be holding a special lottery. Those who want the statue can sign up for the lottery until 24th October. Good Smile Company will then contact the winners, who will then pay the 3 million yen + shipping to get the figure.


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