If you’ve ever been to Akihabara lately, you’d notice that a certain somebody is everywhere in Tokyo’s Electric Town. For the past year, Virtual YouTuber, Ai Kizuna, has surged in popularity, and this shows in how much she appears in ads, merchandise, and more in the otaku holy land of Akihabara. And last October 9, the Akihabara Area Tourism Organization have appointed her as official Virtual Tourism Ambassador. She even posted a video on twitter to celebrate:

The position is official, and they’re even doing an inauguration ceremony in her honor. However, those interested to attend must first purchase some wasabi-flavoured “Akihabara Cashew Nuts”. They must do so between 18th-20th October, a few days before her inauguration on 21st October 2018. It will be happening on the eights floor of Sofmap Akiba’s fourth store.

Good luck and congratulations on your new position, Oyabun!