Eir Aoi has announced the BD/DVD release of her return concert “Eir Aoi Specia Live 2018 ~RE BLUE~ at Nippon Budokan”, out 5th December 2018. The release will come in three editions: a fan club limited edition, a first press limited edition, and a regular edition.


The fan club limited editions comes with the most additions: both the DVD and BD version of the concert, a concert CD, a calendar set, and an original underlay. Meanwhile, the first press edition is bundled with the concert CD, while the regular edition is a stand-alone.

• Release Information
Eir Aoi Specia Live 2018 ~RE BLUE~ at Nippon Budoukan

5 December 2018
Fan Club Limited Edition: JPY 15,000
First Press Limited Edition: JPY 9,800
Regular Edition: JPY 7,000