Kizuna Ai is perhaps the biggest virtual YouTuber out there, and she’s about to make her anime debut! To be specific, she will be appearing in the anime adaptation of the Niantic AR game, Ingress. She even made the announcement in her latest YouTube video:

Unfortunately, she didn’t reveal what her role will be… yet. Also, Megumi Ogata, who’s voicing Ingress’ Artificial Intelligence character ADA, also appeared on A.I. Channel. As for the anime itself, Netflix will be streaming it online soon, but it has premiered in Japanese TV last 17th October.

Here’s how the English website describes the anime:

Since he was little, Makoto had a strange power which enabled him to read the memories of objects he touched.
Hiding his uncontrollable power, he works as a special agent in the police force. One day, while investigating an explosion at a laboratory that researches a unknown substance called “XM”, he sees a mysterious memory.
The memory was from Sarah’s ring, who was the sole survivor of the accident.
It was a sight of a person being swallowed into a red light and disappearing.
Makoto becomes embroiled in a massive conspiracy.
The battle for “XM”, a material that could affect human mind, starts now――