In September 2017, the actor Eiji Takigawa got into an accident while then filming a downhill scene for the drama adaptation of popular high-school competitive road-bike racing series “Yowamushi Pedal”, which resulted in him being hospitalised. His condition was made known publicly in a latter updated statement released by his management agency Eri Office Incorporation. He suffered from a severe spinal cord injury, which resulted in him temporarily withdrawing from all acting/filming activities to concentrate on recuperation and physiotherapy treatment.

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Fast-forwarding a year later to October 2018, according to a report via Stage Natalie earlier this week, Eiji Takigawa’s treatment and recovery is progressing smoothly, to many of his fans’ and supporters’ delight and relief. A special documentary series titled “Soredemo, Mae e” (lit. ‘Even so, Moving Forward…’) has been made recently and will premier on 20 October 2018 via JSAT Corporation’s Sky Perfect TV channel.

The documentary allows an intimate closer look at the actor’s road to recovery and his eventual return to the acting industry. Faced with the uncertainty of the past one year of whether he will be able to recover fully,the series also takes fans and viewers into an empathetic psychological trip of the actor’s mental strength as he struggled with the fears of unknown versus his desires to make a speedy recovery and move forward, as a form of gratitude to family, fans and supporters looking out for him. Currently wheelchair-bound, Eiji Takigawa is positive that with time and enough effort his condition, which is improving, will progress to a full recovery and he may soon be able to return to acting.

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Eiji Takigawa started his acting career in the early 2000s, with roles both on TV and for the 2.5D stage. Some fans may remember him fondly in his role as the iron-willed but inspirational and charismatic Captain Kunimitsu Tezuka of Seigaku Tennis Club in the Musical “Prince of Tennis” from 2003 – the first-generation Tezuka-buchou amongst a line of many to follow.

Some of his other involvements in 2.5D stage/musical productions include “Sengoku Basara” the Stage (2013); “Yowamushi Pedal” (2013 – 2015) as the Hakone Academy competitive road-bike racing club Captain Juichi Fukutomi for the series’ various productions, as well as the Musical “Show By Rock” (2016). He was reprising his role as Fukutomi for the TV drama adaptation of Season 2 of “Yowamushi Pedal” when the unfortunate accident that led to his injury happened during filming in 2017.

The documentary “Soredemo, Mae e” will premier via Sky Perfect TV’s BS channel as a free-of-charge broadcast distribution; as well as on Sky Perfect TV’s mobile/web-on-demand channels for access via mobile/smart-devices. Fans who are interested are invited to refer to the channel’s official website for detailed schedule.