The popular sibling romance comedy from the creator of OreImo, Eromanga Sensei, is back in a new OVA! And now, Aniplex has started streaming a new PV for it, as well as a new TVCM:

The OVA itself will have a total of two episodes, and will run for 48 minutes for the two combined. The two videos themselves preview the first episode, “Yamada Elf no Love Song”, which of course, follows the lovable bestselling light novel author, Elf Yamada. Expect the staff to also release videos regarding the second OVA episode, “Izumi Sagiri no First Kiss,” soon.

They originally planned to release the OVA this year. However, they pushed it back to 16 January 2019. But before that, they will screen both episodes in a limited number of theaters in Japan on 13th January.