Japan Anime Music Lab. — also known as JAMLAB., is a new initiative by PROMIC, Japan’s leading entertainment industry foundation promoting the spread of Japanese music overseas. With the goal of increasing the presence of Japanese music on the international scene, JAMLAB. is making itself known this year at C3AFA Singapore 2018!

But what exactly can music industry professionals in the SEA region gain from JAMLAB.? Here are five good reasons:

JAMLAB. is absolutely free!

You do not need to pay any fees to be part of JAMLAB.! Unlike other professional organizations that charge hefty fees and have complicated requirements, joining JAMLAB. is as easy as signing up for your favourite SNS or mobile game!

JAMLAB. helps you connect with key industry individuals directly

Sometimes all you need is a foot in the door! If you have always wanted to invite Japanese artistes to an event you are hosting overseas, but don’t know where to start, JAMLAB. can get you connected with the people who matter most.

JAMLAB. has an impressive number of industry collaborators!

Since PROMIC — JAMLAB.’s originator, is a major player in the Japanese music scene, you are instantly connected with artistes, artiste management, and other professionals who can help you get your event off the ground!

JAMLAB. is supported by major Japanese pop music and anisong artistes!

JAMLAB. is backed by an impressive number of popular Japanese artistes, including some of your favourite C3AFA I Love Anisong acts such as May’n, LiSA, angela, fripSide, GARNiDELiA, EGOIST, ClariS, JAM Project, and so many other artistes!

C3AFA has been featured on JAMLAB.!

C3AFA Festival Director and Sozo Managing Director Shawn Chin has been featured on JAMLAB. as one of their Key Players! With partnerships between C3AFA and JAMLAB., things are really looking up for fans of Japanese pop culture in the SEA region!

So if you’re a music professional, an events organizer, or simply a fan looking to start a grassroots effort to bring your favourite Japanese artiste to your neck of the woods, do check out the Japan Anime Music Lab. site. Or even better, drop by their booth at C3AFA Singapore 2018 to learn more about JAMLAB.!


The Foundation for the Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC) is a Japanese foundation created in 1993 to support the growth of Japanese music internationally and to promote international business relationships through music. The foundation is supported by the Japanese music industry and the main supporting members of the foundation are; major Japanese record labels and music trade bodies and associations representing; artists, performers, record labels, management companies, music publishers, concert promoters and music retailers.

• Event Information
JAMLAB. @ C3AFA Singapore 2018

30 November to 2 December 2018
Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Center
Booth A146