American actor and glee star Matthew Morrison will be holding a one-night concert in Tokyo. However, it seems that he won’t be alone. This is because the one and only Nana Mizuki will be having a guest appearance according to her official website.


She will be singing a duet with the American singer-actor, and when they offered it, it surprised her. She says that she will not just be performing on stage, but will also enjoy the experience as well.

Now, seiyuu also do Japanese dubbing work for foreign TV series. Nana Mizuki also worked on glee’s Japanese dub as cheerleader and school queen bee, Quinn Fabray (portrayed by Dianna Agron). Of course, Morrison plays school teacher Will Schuester in the TV musical.

They haven’t revealed details on the duet, but they have confirmed that Morrison will sing a few glee songs. This includes “Don’t Stop Believing”, as well as other songs. The concert will happen at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall on 1st March 2019.

source: Matthew Morrison official twitter page