Diver City Tokyo, a mall in Odaiba, is the home of the life-size Unicorn Gundam, as well as the Gundam Cafe and Gundam Base Tokyo. However, it seems that another giant robot is calling the mall its home nowadays, and that robot is Bumblebee! The Transformer recently arrived outside the mall, and its standing right next to the Unicorn Gundam itself!

image via Seikichi Kuroda

Of course, this is all to promote the new Transformers prequel film, Bumblebee, which premieres 22nd March in Japan. The statue itself measures in at almost 4 metres tall, and weighs in at approximately 858.6kg.

image via Akira Ohta

Unfortunately, the two giant robots will only be appearing together for a limited time. According to the film’s Japanese twitter page, Bumblebee will only be at Odaiba until the end of March.