Sometimes, mangaka can be really vocal about certain issues they feel strongly about. And one of them is mangaka Kaede Kouchi, the creator of Love so Life. The mangaka has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Green Funding to create a manga volume for Mofu mofu no Honto, a new manga about the real lives of house pets in Japan. It aims to shed light on several animal rights issues as well.

Kouchi aims to raise 600,000 yen for the manga by 31st March. As of writing, the campaign has already crossed the halfway mark of that goal. Backers will get a digital copy of the manga, as well as an illustration from Kouchi-sensei.

The manga will be an anthology, which will also feature works from other mangaka. Proceeds of the book’s sales will go to a non-profit organization called Nekoken. And aside from thet, they will also gift the book to several elementary schools and library in order to spread awareness on animal rights issues.

Source: Comic Natalie