Bandai’s Metal Build Eva-01 was the first figure from the Evangelion franchise for their Metal Build series, which previously included ones from the Gundam and Mazinger Z franchises. It’s also one of the most coveted figures which came out of the figure line in recent memory. However, it seems that not everybody has reserved or pre-ordered one, and the figure has now sold out. Unfortunately, the selling out may be because of a few scalpers from China.

Apparently, some scalpers who are allegedly from China have cleared out every single Metal Build Eva-01 in stores and are reselling them at much higher prices. Many local collectors in Japan, as well as international collectors unable to pre-order, have been left out of the much-anticipated figure’s release because of this.

Fortunately, Bandai has responded to the situation, announcing a re-release of the figure. In their twitter page, they announced that they will be re-releasing it sometime in 2019. They will announce the pre-order and reservation details soon enough.